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Project Description
SQLIOSim is a tool written by CSS Engineer Bob Dorr. SQLIOSim is designed to validate disk I/O subsystem correctness.

SQLIOSimPaser will parse the output of the file and will put it a readable and reusable format (csv, xml). It helps you to save time interpreting results.


The Genesis of SQLIOSim Parser

During MCM training Jimmy May (JimmyMay) lamented that, as cool as the tool is, he manually parsed the output, laboriously copying-&-pasting values into Excel in order to better wrap his brain around the results. Therefore I offered to write a parser for this.

Jimmy provided me with guidelines I followed through by writing SQLIOParserWin.exe. We’ve labored through several enhancements since now but welcome new feedback or suggestions on that..

SQLIOSim Parser Usage

There is an existing blog entry describing the fetaures and the usage of SQLIOSim briefly. If you have any questions around the usage or any upcoming versions or feature enhancements, feel free to ping Jimmy (JimmyMay) or Jens K. Suessmeyer (JensS).

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